Video of US Drone Approached by Russian Warplane Over Black Sea Released by USAF

General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper drone InternationalIndiaAfricaEven though the United States previously claimed that Russian fighter aircraft collided with their attack drone, thus allegedly causing the UAV’s demise, no such events can be seen in the footage released by the US Air Force.The US military has released a video that allegedly depicts the encounter between their attack drone and a Russian fighter aircraft over the Black Sea near Crimea on March 14.In the footage, the Russian Su-27 fighter jet can be seen approaching the US drone from behind before buzzing it.Curiously, the video does not seem to substantiate the claim made by the US earlier about the drone going down due to a collision with the Russian warplane, as the UAV can be seen continuing its flight after Su-27 whizzes past.


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