Trade Between China, Russia Up by 116% in 10 Years: Chinese President

A man rides with a Russian flag displayed on his pedicab in Beijing’s Russian trade district of Yabaolu. (File)InternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Bilateral trade between Russia and China topped $190 billion in 2022, increasing by 116% in a spate of 10 years thanks to the joint efforts of the two countries, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in an article published by RIA Novosti and Rossiyskaya Gazeta ahead of a state visit to Russia. “Thanks to the joint efforts of both sides, China-Russia trade exceeded US$190 billion last year, up by 116 percent from ten years ago. China has been Russia’s largest trading partner for 13 years running. We have seen steady increase in our two-way investment. Our cooperation on major projects in such fields as energy, aviation, space and connectivity is moving forward steadily,” Xi said in the article. The Chinese leader also noted the high-level of cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, as well as cross-border e-commerce. “Our cooperation at the sub-national level is also booming. All this has brought tangible benefits to both the Chinese and the Russian peoples and provided unceasing driving force for our respective development and rejuvenation,” the article read. Xi is set to visit Moscow from March 20-22 to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which will become his first foreign trip after he was reelected by the Chinese National People’s Congress as the country’s leader for a third five-year term on March 10.


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