The Most Expensive Tourist

Pelosi DiplomacyInternationalIndiaAfricaJust as China’s PLA stepped up security measures amid Pelosi’s rumored Taiwan trip, US military equipment, such as aircraft carriers, have also been brought closer to the island nation in light of her current tour of the Indo-Pacific area.The saga of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s inarticulate tour of Southeast Asia continued Monday with even more vague statements from the White House and senior administration officials as the 82-year-old speaker has yet to confirm whether she is going to Taiwan, which China considers its sovereign territory.As Nikkei reported the US has taken measures to increase its military posture nearer to Taiwan and the Chinese military, several outlets have poured more gasoline on the fire, speculating Pelosi could actually visit the island on Tuesday. Covertly or not, the visit may still happen as Pelosi “has the right” to do so, according to the Biden administration; however, Chinese officials have repeatedly warned the US not to disrupt the status quo with ill-conceived provocations. Chinese President Xi Jinping earlier cautioned US President Joe Biden against “playing with fire” in regards to Taiwan during a phone discussion with Biden on July 28.While the White House continues to carefully deflect responsibility for Pelosi’s expensive journey to the self-governing island, one can probably expect a sequel to her warmongering elsewhere, if, of course, aircraft carriers can quickly sail there in case of a fiasco.


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