Teenage Hero Awarded New Home for Rescuing Kids Under Ukrainian Attack

 / Go to the mediabankFyodor who withstood the attack of Ukrainian terrorists in Bryansk region / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaFyodor was in a car shelled by Ukrainian terrorists in the beginning of March. His uncle, who drove the vehicle, was killed and Fyodor himself was wounded. Despite pain and shock, he managed to escape and to save two schoolgirls that were with him. The governor of Russia’s Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz, has fulfilled his promise to purchase a home for a large family of the boy Fyodor, who saved two girls from Ukrainian terrorists and was seriously wounded in the process. On Wednesday, the child was discharged from hospital, and, together with his mother and the governor, moved into his new place of residence.

"Let's go now. This is a suburb of Klimovo, there is a good house. We repaired it and bought some furnishings. We purchased the house from our own funds, while the regional lawmakers with support of local business provided cash for repairing and furnishings," the head of the region said.

Fyodor, the fifth child in his family, was plunged into a situation that would have left many adults trembling with fear. Yet he withstood the challenge and emerged victorious. On March 2 Ukrainian terrorists crawled into the Bryansk region and opened fire at civilians. They shelled at least two cars, killing drivers on the spot. Ten-year-old Fyodor was in one of the cars with two girls en route to school. Teenage Hero Awarded New Home for Rescuing Kids Under Ukrainian AttackRussiaHow Russian Schoolboy Shot by NATO Bullet Turned Hero Overnight3 March, 13:13 GMTBut the wounded boy did not let the panic swelling up inside him take over. With a NATO-caliber bullet lodged just under his shoulder blade, Fyodor jumped out of the car and led the two frightened schoolgirls toward the cover of the woods nearby.The youngsters then managed to make their way to a settlement where an ambulance was called. Fyodor spent some time in hospital – and became a true inspiration for the country. For his selfless deed, the boy was awarded the medal “For Valor and Courage”.


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