Students Rally in Paris Against Pension Reform

Student associations and high school pupils take to the streets of Paris to protest against the Emmanuel Macron government’s pension reform.InternationalIndiaAfricaOn Tuesday, around 1.28 million people took part in the nationwide strike against pension reform across France, with clashes between the protesters and the police taking place during the rallies.Sputnik goes live from Paris, France, on March 9, as student associations and high school pupils take to the streets to protest against Emmanuel Macron government’s pension reform.The demonstration comes amid reports that the French trade unions have written to President Macron asking for a meeting amid public outrage over the pension reform.Mass strikes have been held in France since January 2023, after French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne introduced a bill to raise the retirement age in the country from 62 to 64 and abolish the separate pensions regimes enjoyed by certain professions.Follow Sputnik’s Live Feed to Find Out More.

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