Russia’s ‘TrUMP’ Drone Caught on Video During Ground Tests

Russian Tramp DroneInternationalIndiaAfricaThe new drone is capable of delivering up to 250 kilograms of cargo to ground forces at distances up to 600 km, according to engineers.Sputnik has obtained a video showing a new transport drone known as the ‘Transport Aviation Multifunctional Platform’, or by its Russian-language acronym ‘TrUMP’. The drone has undergone the final stage of ground tests, with the first flight scheduled for April. The footage shows the taxiing operation of the drone, checking and debugging its control systems and mechanisms. The UAV also performed a series of runs without leaving the runway to refine calculated parameters. The drone has a design of a classic aircraft with a high-positioned straight wing and a two-keel V-tail.It can also be used for monitoring large areas, with potentially useful applications in agriculture. Radar, optical, cartographic and other special equipment can be installed in the compartment. The cruising speed of the drone is 195 kilometers per hour. It can fly up to 3,000 meters above the Earth.


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