Putin: Russia on Path to Positive Changes and Greater Sovereignty

 / Go to the mediabankRussian President Vladimir Putin addresses an event marking the 100th anniversary of the republic of Adygea, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachayevo-Circasia, at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaVladimir Putin took part in the meeting of the Prosecutor General’s Office Collegium, where the tasks for strengthening law and order for 2023 were outlined.The US-led West’s imposed sanctions can be staved off by expanding economic freedoms and cutting bureaucracy. “In recent years, genuine sanctions aggression has been unleashed against our country, all of you know this very well. But the Russian economy, domestic business, and entrepreneurs have adequately responded to all these challenges, and it is important that the prosecutors, within their competence, aid in this massive endeavor, including by helping to eliminate excessive administrative barriers. We must respond to all of the actions of our ill-wishers and adversaries with one thing: an expansion of economic freedoms,” Putin stated. Putin also called on the Prosecutor General’s Office to closely monitor the implementation of the state defense spending and the allocation of funds for enterprises in the military-industrial complex. He stressed that sufficient funds are earmarked for these purposes. “Prosecutors must fight bribery and all sorts of corruption ruthlessly. I ask you to pay special attention to the supervision of legality in the area of the military-industrial complex and constantly keep us updated,” he stressed. Finally, the head of state emphasized the importance of defending the rights of those participating in the Special Military Operation in Ukraine.“Special emphasis must be placed on the protection by prosecutors of the fundamental rights of military personnel, participants and veterans of the special military operation, as well as members of their families,” he highlighted. In 2022, Western governments slapped sweeping sanctions on the Russian economy over Moscow’s special military operation in Ukraine. However, these measures backfired on Western economies as these moves sent inflation (especially in the energy sector) skyrocketing to record highs while simultaneously driving their societies into a cost of living crisis. Europe is now up against a barrage of relentless strikes and protests. The Russian economy proved to be more resilient than Western governments had anticipated. For instance, the US-led West actively searched for ways to limit Moscow’s energy-related income, notably from oil and gas. The effort culminated with a $60 price ceiling imposed by G7 member states and Australia on December 5, 2022. To counter that, Russia simply pivoted and boosted hydrocarbons supplies to friendly countries not on board with the G7’s price cap policy


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