Public Mourns Death of Jerry Springer

Talk show host Jerry Springer announces that he will not seek the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat held by Republican George Voinovich, during a news conference Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2003, in Columbus, Ohio.InternationalIndiaAfricaNews of the death of famous TV talk show host Jerry Springer at the age of 79 shocked his fans and fellow colleagues. Springer was a diverse and creative personality, serving as a lawyer, politician, daytime broadcaster and actor in different periods of his life. A spokesman for prominent TV figure Jerry Springer said the famed media host died of a brief illness at his home in Chicago. US media has reported that the screen star had been battling pancreatic cancer.Not long after news broke of his death, netizens flocked to social media platforms to express their grief and gratitude for the late broadcaster. Broadcaster and US media columnist, Piers Morgan, who worked with Springer on “America’s Got Talent,” lamented the loss and recalled the joy he experienced while working with the figure.

"Jeez, this sucks. RIP Jerry Springer, 79. TV icon & such an intelligent, warm, funny man. Loved working with him, loved hanging out with him, loved arguing with him, loved everything about him. Gutting," wrote Morgan on his social media account.

Comedian Loni Love also expressed her condolences, tweeting about Springer’s ability to connect with people.”What I loved about Jerry Springer was the way he connected with people in a unique and authentic manner. This is why as a talk show host he excelled … condolences to his family and fans on his passing,” stated Love.

Springer’s Versatile Life

Born Gerald Norman Springer, the talk show host came into the world on February 13, 1944, in London, as his parents were sheltering inside the Highgate London Underground station during World War II.Springer was the son of Jewish parents who fled Nazi Germany before the start of the war; his parents hailed from a German region that is now part of Poland. His grandmothers both died in Nazi concentration camps during the war.The family remained in London for some time after, but eventually relocated to Queens, New York, when Springer was just four.Springer’s family history went on to play a significant role in shaping his worldview. He earned a bachelor’s degree in politics and political science from Tulane University in 1965 and graduated from Northwestern University in 1968 with a law degree.© Photo : SpringerTVA post on The Jerry Springer Show’s official account honouring its host death.A post on The Jerry Springer Show’s official account honouring its host death.He began his career as an adviser to then Sen. Robert Kennedy, and later joined a Cincinnati law firm after Kennedy’s 1968 assassination.In 1970, Springer ran for Congress, but lost to Republican candidate Donald Clancy with 45% of the vote. A year later, the young politician became a member of the City Council, but in 1974 he was forced to leave his post because of a scandal: the police found a check written by him for the services of a prostitute.Despite the public hiccup, Springer remained popular with voters and was soon reelected to the council. He served as mayor of Cincinnati from 1977 to 1978.

Shift to TV Theatrics

The first episode of “The Jerry Springer Show” aired on September 30, 1991. Initially the project was positioned as a serious program about politics, but three years later Springer and a new producer chose to change the format to appeal to a wider audience.From then on, guests wanting to discuss their personal problems become the show’s go-to opportunity for increasing ratings. The program touched upon various scandalous topics of the time, such as adultery, incest, bestiality, pornography, racism and fetishism. The show soon became known for its constant skirmishes between guests, with audience members repeatedly shouting “Jerry” as security guards were often seen storming the stage to separate brawlers.© Change.Org PetitionPetition Launched for Jerry Springer to Host the Next GOP DebateThe program has maintained its standing among the public, having aired nearly 5,000 episodes and inspiring similar projects across the globe. At the height of its popularity in 1998, Springer’s show surpassed the famous “Oprah Winfrey Show” in popularity, drawing 12 million viewers.


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