Preserving Ukraine as Independent Country Not in US Plans

Украинские военные с гаубицей M777. Архивное фотоInternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Preserving Ukraine as an independent nation is not in the plans of the United States, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev has said. “And today the White House easily continue the war with Russia to the last Ukrainian,” Patrushev said in an interview with the Izvestia daily. “At the same time, the preservation of Ukraine as a state is not included in the US plans.”The recent wide-ranging interview, however, also saw the official speak to the US’ repeat practice of violating international agreements and the ratcheting up of NATO troops along the Russian border, among other hot-button topics.Patrushev commented that the US does not know what war is in reality as their country hasn’t experiences such level of hostilities on their soil since 1865, underscoring how the Biden White House is continually violating international agreements as it prepares to resume nuclear tests.”Therefore, their elites easily talk about the need to arm themselves, inflict a military defeat on Russia, and prepare for new wars,” Patrushev said. “They violate international agreements and blatantly prepare to resume full-scale atomic tests.”Adding to the point of discussion, the secretary noted the West is actively using terrorist and extremist organizations against Russia, just like in the 1990s in the North Caucasus.”Deceitfully declaring the importance of the fight against terrorism, the West is actively using terrorist and extremist organizations against Russia, using methods that it used in the 1990s in the North Caucasus,” he pointed out.RussiaRussia Considers NATO’s Further Expansion to Its Borders a ‘Red Line’, Foreign Minister Says21 December 2021, 18:59 GMTMomentarily switching gears to NATO’s presence along the Russian border, Patrushev stated the defense bloc has only continued to increase its troop numbers despite past requests from Moscow to stand down.”NATO has deployed additional military contingents in the countries of Eastern Europe,” he said, adding that “about 60,000 American troops are stationed in the region.”The Russian official further indicated that the alliance has boosted the “intensity of operational and combat training of troops.”

Munich Security Conference & Russian Resources

The deepest decline of modern European politics is clearly seen in the example of the Munich Security Conference, whose participants only read to each other US training manuals, Patrushev said during the Tuesday interview.”European politics today is in the deepest moral and intellectual decline,” he said. “A vivid example is the Munich Security Conference, where Western politicians gather only to read each other State Department manuals.”By creating NATO mechanisms for its own needs, the United States actually occupied Europe, he said.”Put in a position of hopelessness, European officials have turned the Old World into an economic base for American experiments, obediently fulfill NATO’s military tasks,” Patrushev said. “And the Pentagon-controlled NATO command interacts directly with arms manufacturers, simply ignoring the official authorities of other countries.”AnalysisMunich Security Conference 2023: An Exercise in Western Self-Delusion20 February, 13:15 GMTAlso on topic was Germany steps to effectively deprive its economy of energy-intensive production in light of completely abandoning its nuclear power industry – a reliable and environmentally friendly source of electricity.

In April, Germany stopped the operation of the last three power units of nuclear power plants in the country – Isar II, Neckarwestheim II and Emsland. Initially, Berlin was believed to abandon nuclear power industry in 2022, but plans were later changed.

“By promoting the reduction of generating capacities, the German leadership is depriving the national economy of energy-intensive production,” Patrushev said during the interview. “Renewable energy sources, which European officials rely on, will not be able to completely replace the energy generated by nuclear power plants.”Patrushev also took the opportunity to highlight how the West has actually admitted it cannot exist without Russia’s natural resources, explaining biased Western scientists and politicians categorically state only the countries of the collective West have the right to dispose of the natural resources available in the world.


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