Pan-African Activist Slams French Channel for Censorship

French anti-colonial activist Kemi Seba addresses a press conference on June 26, 2020 in Paris.InternationalIndiaAfricaFrench-born Pan-African activist, Kemi Seba, who later moved to Africa, spoke to the French channel La Chaine parlementaire which deleted the interview immediately afterwards. The activist castigated this move against him as censorship, noting that other French press outlets published an interview with a known terrorist ringleader.President of NGO Urgences Panafricanistes Kemi Seba has criticized the French channel, La Chaine Parlementaire, for censorship, saying the French press has never wanted to hear about African sovereignty, in an interview with Sputnik.After announcing the interview with Seba, a pan-African activist born in France, the channel deleted it following “discussions” with Chairman of the French National Assembly’s Committee on National Defense and Armed Forces Thomas Gassilloud, who accused the activist of disseminating Russian propaganda.

"I have always been subjected to censorship by the French media. This time is perhaps one of the most spectacular, but the French press has never wanted to hear any discussions on African sovereignty," explained the activist.

Pan-African Activist Slams French Channel for CensorshipAfricaFrance Wants to Tear Russia, China Away From Africa, Political Activist Says10 March, 15:05 GMTKemi Seba unwaveringly protested against the fact that he had been censored, yet France24 gave the green light to an interview with Abu Ubaidah Youssef al-Annabi, an Algerian Islamist, who is the leader of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)*.This is proof in fact, he added, that terrorism in Africa suits them much more than the pan-Africanism that he and millions of other people represent.”The French government is defending its interests and the rise of African sovereignty is not included there,” said Seba.* A terrorist organization outlawed in Russia and many other countries


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