May Day Protests Held in London

Demonstrators stand with placards in Parliament Square at a protest organised by The People’s Assembly to demand action to tackle the cost of living crisis in London on February 12, 2022.InternationalIndiaAfricaThe demonstrators state that they are rallying for “trade union rights, human rights and international solidarity”.Sputnik brings you a broadcast from London where thousands of citizens have peacefully occupied Trafalgar Square begging for improvement in pay and working conditions. Over the last year, the United Kingdom saw a full-scale cost of living crisis amid sky-rocketing inflation and mass strikes, while British political and business elite continue to leave a lavish lifestyle, using private jets and organizing parties at the taxpayers’ expense.Protestors also demand an ease of what is dubbed an “anti-union” policy. The UK government is pushing anti-strike legislation that limit people’s access to industrial strikes.Follow Sputnik live feed to learn more!

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