Manhunt for Shooter in Texas Goes Cold

Law enforcement officers wait at the end of a road after a possible shooting suspect sighting, Monday, May 1, 2023, near Conroe, Texas. The search for a Texas man who allegedly shot his neighbors after they asked him to stop firing off rounds in his yard stretched into a third day Monday.InternationalIndiaAfricaMary ManleyOver 200 officers from various law enforcement agencies are attempting to track down the gunman accused of killing five people, including a 9-year-old in Cleveland, Texas. Desperate to find their man, they have offered a $80,000 reward to anyone with information on the suspect’s location. A man suspected of having gunned down five of his neighbors execution-style has continued to evade police officers despite a widespread manhunt being carried out in the region over the last several days.San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers announced a reward Sunday for information on Francisco Oropeza (Oropesa), 38, who they suspect is responsible for the murder of five of his neighbors on Friday night. The survivors of the shooting, including Wilson Garcia, said they called 911 after their neighbor, Oropeza, refused to stop shooting a gun outside and threatened them. Moments prior, the neighbors had asked Oropeza to stop shooting his rifle in his yard because they were trying to put their baby to sleep.According to one report, the victims’ calls to 911 were ignored. San Jacinto County District Attorney Todd Dillon said the call began as a harassment complaint which is not typically prioritized. He then claimed it takes no less than 45 minutes to reach the area of the shooting in ideal conditions with no traffic.Ramiro Guzman, the uncle of the shooting’s youngest victim, has said Oropeza’s son and his nephew would ride their bicycles together to the school bus stop. Guzman said he never spoke to the suspected shooter, however.Local law enforcement officials detailed Saturday that the suspect had disappeared into the woods after carrying out the shooting with an AR-15-style firearm. Sixteen members of Guzman’s extended family were home at the time of the shooting. The victims, who are believed to be from Honduras, were ages 9, 25, 18, 21 and 31.“My nephew, despite everything, I thought he would survive,” Guzman said. “He was writhing on the floor and I said, ‘Oh my God, he’s still alive.’”Guzman said he also saw his slain sister’s body.“To see her the way I did, it’s unbelievable,” he said of his sister, who hadn’t seen their mother in 10 years in pursuit of a new life in the United States. “I still think maybe she’s going to call me, that I’m going to get to see her again and she’d be like always, strong and supporting us through everything.”“Everyone comes here with a plan, with a goal,” Guzman said. “Now my mom is going to see my sister, but in the worst way. She’s going to see my nephew in the worst way.”Authorities conducted searches near a landfill along Highway 105 on Monday afternoon following a tip in that area. Roughly 259 law enforcement officers are now searching for Oropeza, who is still considered to be armed and dangerous by authorities.


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