Log in the Eye: Western Crimes Against Children in War Zones Revealed

An internally displaced girl poses for a photograph outside her temporary home in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Jan. 18, 2021.InternationalIndiaAfricaThe collective West is keen on projecting their own child abuse and negligence onto others, foreign experts claim, while participating in Rossiya Segodnya’s recent conference dedicated to Western crimes against children in war zones across the world.”I am an American, I served in the US Army, I participated in the war, and I am ready to talk about the terrible consequences of this US invasion,” said US Army Corporal and Iraq War veteran Daniel Bosworth, who was a member of Operation Desert Storm.”The US military left Afghanistan in a very disorganized manner. And it was decided to withdraw thousands of Afghan children without parents from August to December 2021. These children were transferred to the care of a special unit of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) (…) Tens of thousands of people were taken out of Afghanistan, but this organization was not ready to accept so many children. There were already many children from Central America there.”

"There were no translators who could provide interaction (…) These children spent three, four months in these institutions having no idea whether they would ever see their parents again (…) Often in the documents with which children enter the United States, their names and surnames are incorrectly indicated, and therefore it is very difficult to ensure the reunification of these children with their families. Therefore, these children are moved from one social support institution to another. This entails various problems, in particular, psychological ones. Sometimes children are placed in mental hospitals, and because it is difficult for them to live in shelters (…) Also, children report being sexually abused (…) Many are starving."

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, according independent investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley, who revealed at the conference more hideous instances of child abuse during US-led NATO invasions and military conflicts instigated by Washington. To illustrate her point, Beeley referred to the Yugoslav and Syria wars which saw Western proxies engaging in human trafficking and human organ trade, including those of children. Decades ago the US and NATO managed to balkanize Yugoslavia and carve out Kosovo from Serbia. Washington planned to do the same in Syria.WorldHow White Helmet’s Cashbox Mayday Profited Off Syrian Regime Change Op at Expense of EU Taxpayers10 May 2021, 13:27 GMT

White Helmets Sacrificed Kids for West’s Regime Change

According to Beeley, the White Helmets, an Al-Qaeda*-linked pseudo-humanitarian organization backed and even awarded by the West, has been involved in kidnapping and trafficking of children. Western governments, including Britain, Germany, Canada, Denmark, and the Netherlands, funneled tens of millions in taxpayer money to fund the White Helmets through British Army officer James Le Mesurier, who mysteriously fell to his death in Istanbul in November 2019. The notorious entity also used children for their staged chemical provocations in Syria in order to facilitate the establishment the West’s “no-fly zone” and further occupation of Syria, Beeley pointed out.

"The actions of the White Helmets posed a mortal threat to those children who [participated in these staged provocations] and were videotaped," said Beeley. "I witnessed the terrorist attacks in Syria when they arrived in Aleppo and there were many casualties. In particular, there are many children who were injured, who were dying. Their corpses were piled into trucks by the White Helmets and taken to the border with Turkiye. At least 50 of these children have not yet been found. They are believed to have died as a result of staged chemical attacks in Douma in 2018. I was just in Damascus then."

“It is proven that the White Helmets staged this incident in Douma. However, no one investigated the use of children in this incident. There are many very facts, kidnappings, exploitation of children by the USA, the United Kingdom or the European Union and organizations associated with it. This is happening in all countries where attempted regime changes have taken place since 2011 (…) We see attempts by Western countries to sponsor organizations such as the White Helmets that violate international child protection laws. NATO member countries abuse children and commit crimes against them,” she continued.AfricaDivide et Impera: What’s Really Behind West’s Repeated Failures to Lift Africa Up From Poverty?19 December 2022, 10:46 GMT

African Minors in Europe Earn Living by Prostitution

Global conflicts and migration flows routinely serve as a source of cheap labor, as well as easy prey, for human traffickers and sexual abusers in the countries of the so-called collective West. A recent investigation by the New York Times revealed that about two-thirds of unaccompanied minors who have been coming to the United States in record numbers since 2021 end up working full-time. The country’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) and Health and Human Services (HHS) couldn’t reach more than 85,000 of those minors and lost immediate contact with a third of migrant children over the last two years. A strikingly similar situation has been observed in Europe by Dutch independent journalist Sonja van den Ende.

"Germany has accepted about two million refugees from the Middle East," van den Ende said. "I don't know how many refugees from Africa are there, probably also one or two million. These girls and boys are also forced into prostitution. If you take a closer look at Berlin, Frankfurt, then at the corner of any station you can immediately see examples of how this happens. It's just awful. It's been going on for many years and this trend has seen explosive growth. Amsterdam is no exception. I'm from there. But what are the authorities doing? Nothing."

“According to EU law, according to the legislation of Germany and Holland, these are teenagers, and their rights must be protected. But the authorities there do not know what to do with all these refugees. All the refugee centers are overcrowded, so the refugees just live on the street, and you can see this in almost every city in the Netherlands,” van den Ende continued.”These are primarily Africans. These boys and girls need money, so they are dragged into prostitution and drug dealing. And the EU countries do not even know how many children from Africa, from the Middle East live there illegally. Sometimes we see in the news that more and more boats are coming to European shores from Africa and there was already a big problem in the EU (…) Instead of solving this problem, they continue to exploit these children,” she continued.To complicate matters further, the UN has recently started disclosing figures about thousands of instances of forced sex with UN peacekeepers in exchange for material aid in developing countries including the Central African Republic, Congo, Haiti and Uruguay. Hundreds of the aforementioned cases involved minors.AmericasMost Unaccompanied Migrant Children End Up Brutally Exploited in US, Report Says26 February, 15:49 GMT

The Hague Tribunal’s Hypocritical Concerns

Western governments don’t see the log in its own eye while trying to find a speck in the eye of Russia. Since the beginning of the Russian special military operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, the US, its NATO allies and the Kiev regime have repeatedly spread groundless claims of Moscow’s alleged crimes as part of their information warfare against Russia.In March 2023, the international criminal court in The Hague went even so far as to indict Russian President Vladimir Putin and children commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova for supposed “mass abduction” of Ukrainian children. The Russian Foreign Ministry resolutely rubbished the accusations: what European bureaucrats tried to wrap up as “abduction” was a humanitarian operation aimed at evacuating Ukrainians as well as Donbass residents, who have been subjected to indiscriminate bombing by the Kiev regime for eight years.

As of June 25, 2022, two million people had been evacuated to the territory of the Russian Federation, including 325,000 children, as per the ministry. "All these people left for our country voluntarily, saving their lives and the lives of their children," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova emphasized in an official statement last June.

Russia’s caretaking of Ukrainian refugees comes in stark contrast with the Kiev regime’s propaganda that routinely depicts Russians as “rapists” and “butchers” to get more weapons and funding from their Western sponsors. Apparently, therefore, Ukrainian authorities are trying hard to prevent Ukrainian families from coming to Russia.RussiaRussia Doing Its Best to Protect Ukrainian Children Fleeing Country: Embassy in US15 February, 06:03 GMTThe case of 11-year-old Ukrainian Melania Borodai is highly symptomatic in this respect. When shelling began in Popasnaya, Melania and her grandmother went to Artemovsk (Bakhmut) planning to go then to Russia’s Belgorod to their relatives. However, the Ukrainian military forces which had been stationed in Artemovsk at that time did not let them evacuate to Russia. Furthermore, the Ukrainian police unit called “White Angels” tried to take the 11-year-old away from her granny in order to send the girl to Germany. For ten months, Melania hid from the so-called White Angels, who tried to deceive her grandmother by telling her that the girl’s mother was dead. Later, Melania recalled that while being evacuated by the Russian troops, she came under fire from Ukrainian spinners. Russian reportedly took off their bulletproof vests and covered the girl from all sides to save her life.WorldEx-UN Expert: Canada Residential Schools Just Part of 400-Year-Long Cultural Genocide of Natives10 July 2021, 11:00 GMTThe UN’s 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide specifically prohibits the forced transfer of children. However, Ukrainian officials and their Western backers have been indulging themselves in violating the UN resolution for many years. There have been numerous instances in which Western governments encouraged the illegal separation of families and the taking away of minors in gross violation of numerous international agreements and conventions. Unfortunately, this practice has deep roots, going back to the colonial era when indigenous minors were separated from their parents, forcibly assimilated, sexually abused and killed by colonizers in the Global South. The gruesome discovery in 2021 of hundreds of unmarked graves with Native American children at the sites of former Canadian forced assimilation schools is just one example of centuries-long human rights abuse by modern human rights advocates.*Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization banned in Russia and many other countries.


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