Libyan Army Says Forces Have Recovered Uranium Barrels Declared Missing by IAEA

Natural UraniumInternationalIndiaAfricaBENGHAZI (Sputnik) – Soldiers of the Libyan National Army (LNA) recovered barrels with natural uranium that had been earlier reported missing by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), LNA Moral Guidance Department chief Khaled Mahjoub said on Thursday. IAEA inspectors during the verification activities at one of the facilities in Libya on Tuesday failed to find 10 barrels containing approximately 2.5 tonnes of natural uranium in the form of uranium ore concentrate. After the IAEA’s report the LNA created a special group to search for disappeared barrels with uranium on the LNA-controlled territory, according to Mahjoub. “These barrels were found in the area located just five kilometers [three miles] away from the storage in the direction of Chad,” Mahjoub said in a statement. The army official stated that the people that had stolen uranium barrels did not know what was inside them and what danger they might pose to health. He added that members of Chadian militia groups could be involved in the incident, looking for ammunition. Mahjoub also called for international help in order to safely store the materials in Libya.


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