Iranian Scholars Develop Neural Network Predicting Female Facial Attractiveness

Research on female facial attractiveness.InternationalIndiaAfricaIt is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but new research suggests there is a way to determine how beautiful your face is – and in a very scientific way, of course.An AI model can predict the level of attractiveness assigned to a female, research from Tehran published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Cognitive Computing in Engineering has shown.The neural network capable of image recognition was given input criteria like the face’s symmetry and proportion.The AI was trained with different methods with the nearest neighbors algorithm proving to be most useful. The faces that were used in the research were taken from the YouTube video “The Top 100 Most Beautiful Women Faces in the World 2020” and various photo banks.© Photo : International Journal of Cognitive Computing in EngineeringFemale beauty researchFemale beauty researchThe machine’s predictions were later compared to what real men thought of the faces. The AI estimates turned out to be accurate and the results “clearly show that facial attractiveness is a universal concept that an intelligent machine can learn.”Scientists alleged that their research will have practical implications since the issues of human attractiveness are of utmost importance for marketing, advertising and the beauty industry. As they put it, “Researchers can develop models that offer high precision and accuracy for facial attractiveness-ranking predictions, enabling decision-makers to make informed decisions based on objective data.”


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