Hunter Biden to Appear in Court for Child Support Issues

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, speaks to guests during the White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House, Monday, April 18, 2022, in WashingtonInternationalIndiaAfricaWASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, appears in an Arkansas court for a hearing in the case related to his finances and child support payments to the president’s estranged granddaughter, US TV broadcaster reported on Monday. The case stems from a prior paternity dispute between Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts, who gave birth to a daughter in August 2018 and has claimed was his. Biden initially denied fathering the child, but a DNA test confirmed his paternity. The case was closed in 2020. AmericasFalling at Every Hurdle: Verdict on Biden Presidency Ahead of Second-Term Bid25 April, 15:06 GMTIn September, the case was reopened after Biden asked the court to reduce his child support payments, citing a “substantial material change” in financial circumstances, purportedly a drop in income, the report said. Roberts demanded financial records from Biden in response to his request, including information about his art sales, travel and properties, the report said. In addition, Roberts is seeking information about potential payments related to Joe Biden or his brother James Biden, the report said. Last week, Roberts accused Hunter Biden of violating court orders and withholding key evidence, requesting Independence County Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer to hold him in contempt and place him in jail until he complies, the report said. AmericasNever Enough? Hunter Biden Reportedly Threatened to Hold Pay to Staffer Unless She Provided Sex31 January, 17:51 GMTThe hearing on Monday will not cover the issue of contempt but will focus instead on issues such as Robert’s attempt to hire a so-called conspiracy theorist as an expert witness in her case, the report said. The case coincides with attempts by Republican lawmakers to gain insight into the financial activities of the Biden family as well as a federal probe into potential criminal activity by Hunter Biden related to the release of materials from a laptop he left at a Delaware computer repair shop. Joe Biden and First lady Jill Biden remain estranged from their four-year old grandchild, having never seen or contacted her, the report said, citing court filings. Last week, Joe Biden claimed to have six grandchildren, prompting critics to call for him to acknowledge the seventh grandchild from Hunter Biden’s relations with Roberts.


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