‘Foaming, Spitting & Uncontrollable Rage’: Former Staffers Describe an Abusive Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson speaks at Unity Church in Omaha, Nebraska, on November 17, 2019InternationalIndiaAfricaMary ManleyThe self-help guru and best-selling author first came to prominence when Oprah Winfrey bought 1,000 copies of her book “A Return to Love,” a book based on the notion of rejecting one’s ego, fear and resentments and embracing love. Williamson has also previously campaigned on creating a “US Department of Peace” were she to be elected. Newly surfaced details have alleged that 2024 presidential candidate Marianne Williamson’s public persona of preaching love and forgiveness is actually in complete contradiction of her private behavior.At least 12 former staffers have reportedly alleged that Williamson was both emotionally and verbally abusive during her campaign in 2020, and that the “unpredictable, explosive episodes of anger” went beyond the expected stress of a typical election cycle.The Democratic presidential candidate has denied the accusations, calling them “slanderous” and “categorically untrue.”

“It would be foaming, spitting, uncontrollable rage,” an anonymous staffer told Politico. “It was traumatic. And the experience, in the end, was terrifying.”

Three anonymous staffers then alleged that Williamson would throw her phone at staff, and that her outbursts were so loud that on at least four occasions hotel employees knocked on her door to check on the situation. On another occasion, the guru grew so upset she repeatedly smacked her hand against a car until her hand started to swell, all because she felt that a campaign trip to South Carolina had been poorly planned.

“She would get caught in these vicious emotional loops where she would yell and scream hysterically,” another aide recalled. “This was day after day after day. It wasn’t that she was having a bad day or moment. It was just boom, boom, boom — and often for no legitimate reason.”

“The message was: ‘Don’t f*** with me because I will make your life a living hell.’ So no one f***** with her,” one aide told the outlet.Other aides added that Williamson would mock some staffers for being too heavy, and grow upset when a hotel room her staff booked didn’t have a bathtub. All 12 staffers said they recalled experiences when Williamson would be so verbally abusive, staffers would start crying.‘Foaming, Spitting & Uncontrollable Rage’: Former Staffers Describe an Abusive Marianne WilliamsonAmericasMarianne Williamson 2024 Bid Being Met With Eyerolls by Democratic Establishment3 March, 21:23 GMT

“Those reports of Ms. Williamson’s behavior are consistent with my observations, consistent with contemporaneous discussions I had about her conduct with staff members, and entirely consistent with my own personal experience with her behavior on multiple occasions,” said Paul Hodes, a former US congressman who served as Williamson’s 2020 New Hampshire state director.

Williamson, 70, is the only Democrat who has challenged incumbent Joe Biden for the 2024 race.“Former staffers trying to score points with the political establishment by smearing me might be good for their careers, but the intention is to deflect attention from the important issues facing the American people,” Williamson told the outlet in a statement. “This presidential campaign expects concerted efforts to dismiss and denigrate us. But the amplification of outright lies should not occur.”Williamson, who said she never mocked anyone for being overweight, did however, acknowledge that she had to seek medical treatment after pounding her hand on a car door, and said she did raise her voice at a staff member in a hotel room.


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