Dutch Cops Bust DUI Guy With ‘Boris Johnson Driver’s License’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Thales weapons manufacturer in Belfast, Monday May 16, 2022InternationalIndiaAfricaThe obviously fake driver’s license found in the suspect’s car featured Boris Johnson’s name and photograph, with year 3000 listed as its expiration date.A peculiar incident occurred in the Netherlands where a 35-year-old man from the town of Zuidhorn was found to be in possession of an unusual ID when police arrested him for drunk driving.According to a local broadcaster, the man caught the cops’ attention after the vehicle he was driving hit a pole, which prompted officers to move in and stop him for inspection. A subsequent examination, during which the driver initially refused to submit to a breath test, showed that he was indeed driving under the influence, the media outlet notes.What really made this incident stand out, however, was the discovery cops made while searching the man’s vehicle: an obviously fake driver’s license issued under the name of Boris Johnson, featuring the former UK prime minister’s photo and date of birth.© Photo : Twitter/@Trollstoy88Twitter screenshotTwitter screenshotThe writing on the “license” claimed that it was issued in Ukraine and that it was valid until year 3000.In a social media post made on the occasion, the local cops snarkily remarked that, unfortunately for the hapless driver, they did not fall for this ploy.


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