Cooperation Between Russia, Africa Reaches New Level, President Putin Says

 / Go to the mediabankRussian President Vladimir Putin at the ceremony of the official meeting of the heads of state and governments (with spouses) of the member states of the Russia -Africa summit. On the left is the President of the King Fosten -Arshange Tuader. / Go to the mediabankInternationalIndiaAfricaRussian President Vladimir Putin is taking part in the second Russia-Africa International Parliamentary Conference which began in Moscow on 19 March, and addressing the plenary session ‘Russia-Africa in a Multipolar World’.Cooperation between Russian and Africa has gained momentum and is already reaching a qualitatively new level, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated, while speaking during the second Russia-Africa International Parliamentary Conference.The president added that Russia has always paid attention to cooperation with African countries and will continue to do it.Moreover, Putin stated that he believes Africa will become one of the leaders among those powers that shape the world order, noting that there are objective prerequisites for this.”African states are constantly increasing their role in world affairs. More and more confidently declare their position in politics and economics. We are convinced that Africa will become one of the leaders of the emerging multipolar world order,” he said.The president noted that even though African countries still account for only 3% of global GDP, the world is witnessing the economy of many of them growing at an accelerated pace.He highlighted that Russia is determined to build a strategic partnership with African countries and shape the global agenda together. In this regard, Putin added, Moscow has written off debt for African countries in the amount of more than $20 billion.Speaking about ways of enhancing cooperation between Russia and African states, the president indicated several areas of mutual interest with great potential for expansion, including healthcare, energy, and military sphere.In particular, Russia intends to increase cooperation with Africa on such urgent topics as medicine and healthcare, ensuring biological and epidemiological safety. According to the president, Russia is ready to provide drugs and mobile laboratories to the continent.Moreover, Putin noted that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia was one of the first countries that began to supply large volumes of vaccines, test systems, sanitary and hygienic products, and other medical and humanitarian supplies to African states.He also confirmed to the African members of parliament that Russia will continue to help Africa with electricity and expand energy systems on the continent. Apart from that, he underscored that Russia continues to cooperate with African countries in the military-technical sphere.”Military-technical cooperation continues, including the supply of Russian weapons and military equipment to African partners,” Putin stated.The president also noted that currently military personnel from more than 20 African countries are studying at the universities of the Russian Defense Ministry.Further elaborating on the topic of Russia-Africa cooperation, Putin invited the leaders of the African countries to attend a summit in Russia in July, saying that preparations are underway.”We are very seriously preparing for the second Russian-African summit [scheduled for July] and, of course, we will be glad to see leaders from all African countries, as well as heads of regional organizations, at this forum,” the president said.Speaking on the topic of the grain deal, the president underlined that Russia insists on the package nature of the grain deal and its full implementation, so that food products are sent to Africa, that currently receives only 3% of the grain exports.”Out of the total amount of grain and food exported from Ukraine, approximately 45% went to European countries. And only 3% goes to Africa,” Putin explained.He recalled that Russia recently agreed to extend for another 60 days the agreement concluded in Istanbul on the export of Ukrainian food through the Black Sea and the unblocking of Russian agricultural exports and fertilizer supplies. Putin noted that the move is guided by the needs of primarily African countries, saying that Russia is taking into account the interests of African and other developing states, bearing in mind that they need large amounts of food.He stated that from August 1, 2022, to September 20 of this year, 827 ships left Ukraine. However, only 3 million tonnes of grain were sent to the continent and 1.3 million to the poorest African countries.The president reiterated that Moscow insists on full compliance with key Russian requirements, and the need for grain and fertilizers exports to be delivered to the African sates in need, and not to “well-fed European countries.”He stressed that Russia has sent almost 12 million tonnes of grain to African countries despite all restrictions.

"I draw your attention to the fact that during the same time, despite all the restrictions and restrictions on the export of Russian grain, almost 12 million tons were sent from Russia to Africa," Putin underlined.

If Russia decides not to renew this deal after the recent 60-day extension, then it is ready to deliver all the volume that was sent in the previous time to countries in Africa in particular need free of charge, the president added.* *DETAILS TO FOLLOW


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