Blinken Made ‘Partisan Political Move’ to Suppress ‘Laptop From Hell’ Story

Hunter Biden (File)InternationalIndiaAfricaNew developments in the story of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop suggest that US intelligence officials were involved in “blatant partisan activity” aimed at affecting the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in the United States.Journalist and political analyst Caleb Maupin has weighed in on recent revelations about members of the US intelligence community helping to suppress the story of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” in 2020, when the story posed a risk to the presidential ambitions of Hunter’s dad, Joe Biden.During a conversation with Sputnik, Maupin pointed out that claims about Hunter’s laptop being some kind of Russian conspiracy meant to interfere with US elections – claims based on a letter signed by some 51 US intelligence officials – turned out to be false: the laptop and the data on Biden family’s shady dealings it contained are quite real.Furthermore, none other than former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell has recently stepped forward and confirmed that he signed the letter after getting a call from Anthony Blinken – then a Biden campaign adviser – and that the intention behind this move was to help Joe Biden win the election.In light of these revelations, it would appear that these intelligence officials were lobbied to act in a “political partisan manner to serve Joe Biden’s presidential campaign,” argued Maupin.“And they came out and urged the media not to cover a true story about Biden and his family and their criminal activities, because they feared it would hurt his campaign, and they wanted Biden to win the election,” Maupin continued. “And we now have the testimony of one of the signatories of the letter saying ‘Yes, we did not have evidence, but this was a partisan political move by Anthony Blinken’.”The journalist further insisted that this revelation is “big,” as what was brought to light is essentially “blatant partisan activity by American intelligence agencies trying to swing the election one way.”Americas ‘Growing Frustration’ At FBI Over Failure to Charge Hunter Biden – ReportYesterday, 00:46 GMTThis week, Morrell admitted that the letter signed by 51 US intelligence experts claiming that Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was a Russian disinformation operation, was penned at the behest of the Joe Biden’s campaign, with the claims contained in the letter being false.For more sharp analysis, check out the latest episode of Sputnik’s podcast The Critical Hour.


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