Bitcoin Tops $28,000 for First Time Since June 2022

FILE – An advertisement for Bitcoin cryptocurrency is displayed on a street in Hong Kong, on Feb. 17, 2022. Bitcoin slumped to a two-year low, Wednesday, Nov. 9, and other digital assets sold off following the sudden collapse of crypto exchange FTX Trading, which has been forced to sell itself to larger rival Binance.InternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, has topped $28,000 for the first time since June 2022 amid the banking crisis, trading data showed on Monday. As of 04:38 GMT on Monday, Bitcoin was trading at around $27,383 on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, after it jumped to over $28,000 on Sunday evening. Bitcoin Tops $28,000 for First Time Since June 2022EconomyBitcoin Drops Amid Fed’s Decision to Increase Interest Rate15 December 2022, 12:36 GMTIn 2022, the cryptocurrency’s price correlated with the S&P 500 index of US stock exchanges, while there is no such connection now, as the index fell by 1.1% at the end of trading on Friday, analysts noted.The currency started at $0 in 2009, broke the one dollar barrier in 2011. About a decade later, Bitcoin would hit an all-time high of $69,000.


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