Biden’s Big Business Backers Want to ‘Finish Job’ of Slashing Living Standards

US President Joe Biden speaks about lowering prescription drug costs and protecting Social Security and Medicare at Jones Elementary School in Joliet, Illinois, November 5, 2022.InternationalIndiaAfricaJames TweedieJoe Biden’s bid for a second term as president was in doubt until his announcement this week, with pundits speculating he would be moved aside in favour of a more energetic candidate. Angie Wong, president of the conservative Legacy PAC , argued that another Biden administration would ‘finish the job’ of the first — but not in a good way.The big money interests behind Joe Biden’s re-election campaign want to “finish the job” of impoverishing Americans, a conservative campaigner has said.Biden officially launched his re-election bid at 6 am on Tuesday morning, with his Twitter account posting a campaign video where he mumbled through a reprise of his two years in office.But Legacy PAC president Angie Wong told Sputnik that there was a “power struggle” at play inside the Democratic National Committee (DNC) over whether to back the incumbent or ditch him.”He announced last week that he was going to drop a video of him making the announcement. And since that week, the DNC has been busy trying to move him off the ticket,” Wong pointed out. “On Monday, right before he dropped that video, NBC puts out a poll that says 70 per cent of Americans do not want you to run.”She pointed out that the announcement was made on the same day two senior administration officials quit their posts, including his domestic policy adviser Susan Rice who Wong said is widely believed to be “running the country for him.””So I think that there was a major internal power struggle. They dropped this video of him announcing at 6 am yesterday,” Wong noted. “Maybe it’s for the media schedule. That would make some sense, but no one’s watching it. I’ve tried to watch the video about three or four times. You know, the music is so powerful that it it actually eclipses his own voice.”She argued the video was a portent of a virtual online election campaign by the Democrats, designed to minimise Biden’s endless public speaking gaffes.

"Last round he was Basement Joe. This round I'm calling him AI Joe because his I really feel like they are going to try to mitigate as much of his 'gas work' as possible," Wong quipped.

She said some in the Democratic Party were already trying to ensure Biden heads off internal challenges from Robert Kennedy Jr. or other contenders by changing the order of the state primaries and refusing to schedule debates between the candidates.”The DNC has already said that they’re going to clear the lane. There’s going to be no pre primary debates,” Wong said. “There’s no way he can debate anybody. You think he can get on stage with anyone else and talk about domestic issues?”The 2024 election promises to be a re-run of 2020, not only because Donald Trump is near-certain to be the Republican candidate. Wong predicted it would see a repeat of Biden’s almost non-existent public campaigning, when his stump speeches were often attended by crowds numbered in mere dozens.”The playbook is still being reused and as well as keeping him away from crowds,” she said. “They don’t have COVID this time, so I don’t know how they’re going to be able to do this, but they’re not going to put him in a rally.””They’re not going to put him in anything that is not pre-produced,” Wong stressed. “That’s going to be the major difference that you see between Trump and Joe Biden.”AnalysisWhat Affects Biden’s 2024 Reelection Chances?00:32 GMTThe pundit picked out one “scary” detail in particular from Biden’s campaign ad — where “The one thing that was scary that he did say was that he wanted to finish the job,” Wong said. “Finish what job?” she asked. “You’ve already tanked our economy. Everyone’s personal situations are far worse under his leadership than it was under Trump. We’re at war pretty much with everybody at the moment.””If you look at the people who are writing the script, they’re the ones who wants to change your banking system. They’re the ones who want to force electric car batteries down your throat,” Wong underlined. “They’re the ones who are pushing an agenda, so they want to finish their job.”But the PAC chief said Biden’s best bet to secure funding and win the primaries was the to play up Trump as the bogeyman.”He knows that Trump is a trigger word,” Wong said. “He knows if he goes after Trump, the donors will come and the voters will come.”For more of Angie Wong’s insights into the Biden nomination check out on Sputnik Telegram channel.For more cutting-edge commentary, follow our Sputnik Radio show Fault Lines.


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