Biden White House’s Statements on Failed Drone Attack ‘Strikingly Cynical’

Flags of Russia and the United States at the American Embassy in Moscow.InternationalIndiaAfricaWASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said on Wednesday that the statements of US officials about drone attacks on the Kremlin are “strikingly cynical and absurd.” “The statements made by official representatives of Washington are strikingly cynical and absurd,” Antonov said in response to a media question to assess the US’ response to the drone attack.

"They did not find it possible to admit the obvious: the terrorist act planned by [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky's regime and the attempt on the president of the Russian Federation."

“The time was not chosen by accident – on the eve of Victory Day, the parade on May 9, at which it is expected that foreign guests will also be present.”The ambassador noted that the Russian side hoped “the US administration would have enough strength and dignity to condemn the attack,” but Washington is now “shielding criminals in Kiev.” Antonov said the statements of US high-ranking officials that Kiev could choose how to defend itself were “an example of double standards and a policy of encouraging the regime of Vladimir Zelensky” to attack Russia.RussiaThwarted Ukrainian Drone Attack on Kremlin: What is Known So FarYesterday, 14:53 GMTThe Russian envoy further underscored that the statements about allegedly deterring the Kiev regime from striking targets outside its borders were “a false farce.” The ambassador went on to note that Russia would respond to the attack “when it deems it necessary,” and that it would be “in accordance with the assessments of the threat that Kiev has posed.”Earlier Wednesday, two drones attempted to strike the Kremlin in Moscow in what Russia says was a Ukrainian assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ukraine has denied involvement in the attack. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had stated on Wednesday that the White House was aware of Russia’s charge that Ukraine carried out a drone attack against the Kremlin overnight but that it was unable to confirm the authenticity of the attack. She added it was too early to determine if the US believes the drone attack was a false flag operation by Russia.


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